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Universal history, treated the "Satyricon"

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Arkady Averchenko, Nadezhda Teffi Joseph Orsher, Osip Dymov
Universal history, treated the "Satyricon" 
Cover handmade genuine leather (shagreen)
Format 140x210 mm
352 p.
100 numbered copies.
Black-and-white illustrations
Paper GardaPat (Italy)
Tortonian bleed
"Universal history" is a brilliant example of satire in the literature of the Silver age, created by the authors of "Satyricon", the sharp humor magazine of the early twentieth century. Grotesque Arkady Averchenko, witty observations Hope taffy, black humor of Joseph Orsher and subtle irony of Osip Dymov create a unique style unparalleled literary hoax. The authors set the direction of transformation of humor, who would later appear in the works of Mikhail Bulgakov, Mikhail Zoshchenko, I. Ilf.
Nadezhda Teffi with fine irony tells of a time when ancient peoples lived stupid, dangled from one place to another, from one era to another, all without Railways, without order, reason and purpose."
Sarcastic Osip Dymov reveals the secrets of a reasonable world order. "From time to time nature, seeing that he accumulated enough material, numbers and names, and feeling that the thread of history begins without measure to lengthen, put forward such events, which are milestones, edges, border stones separating some long-past times from the other of bygone days. It happened in the gap between the ancient and middle history."
Poignant Arkady Averchenko immerses readers in a time when "mankind, ending with the Middle ages, at once wiser and ashamed of their medieval savagery, hastened to make a number of steps, which it is impossible to deny the ingenuity and common sense."
To tell about Russian history trusted Lustig Joseph Orsher, which it is stated that "from the first day of its founding, the Moscow cadet was, as it was founded by one of the leaders of the party, Prince Dolgorukov," and Ivan the terrible died playing chess."
Despite a century of age, literary hoax of the "Satyricon" to this day has not lost relevance and is recommended to anyone who likes history and is willing to look at past events through the prism of humor.
Repeated the same story as with inventions and discoveries: there was a fashion for inventions — all rushed to invent horrible: the printing press, gunpowder, the magnetic needle... This fashion was replaced by another: open. All frantically rushed to open what turned up under the arm, without any sense and meaning... Ponaotkryvali different land — fashion... outdated Already was considered a sign of bad taste, old-fashioned provincialism, to open some new ground. Passing by the still undiscovered lands, the sailors pretended not to notice them.
War of the roses was intended to reduce the number of representatives of Royal houses and feudal nobility, and the survivors - to destroy. The purpose of this, after many evolutions, was brilliantly achieved. Especially a lot had to Tinker with a good-natured king Henry VI. His kindness and gentleness were so great that he was offended when he was dethroned. He just shook off and again sat on the throne. He could not explain that good stories do not do, and his friend, the Earl of Warwick, in bewilderment, shrugging his shoulders, gave him the crown of England.
The Assyrian kings were very aggressive and violent. Enemies they were impressed by their names, of whom Assur-Tiglath Abu Harib-Nazir-Nepal was the most short and simple. In fact, it wasn't even a name, and a shortened hypocoristic nickname, which for small stature gave the young king, his mother.

This product was added to our catalog on 22 September 2016
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